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Welcome to Expert Infoproducts.com. We specialize in providing cutting edge training in a variety of niches. These range from sports and hobbies to crafts and educational materials.


We utilize the latest in multi-media technology to make learning easier and more effective for you. This includes digital formats for print, audio and video - as we have found that different people learn best in different ways.


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Making Soap

"Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know About Making Your Own Soaps Can Be Found In This Comprehensive Course and Training System... Guaranteed!"


Simple, Step-By-Step Methods That Will Show You Exactly How To Make Your Own Unique Soaps For Yourself Or For Gifts That Will Amaze Your Friends and Relatives!


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Playing Better Golf

"You Can Easily Slash 8 Strokes From Your Golf Game... Right Now...Without Changing Your Swing"


The tips, techniques and strategies that you'll learn are aimed at helping you play better golf right now... in your next round of golf!

  • Complete multi-media course
  • Personal coaching included
  • Instant access

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Fishing Trips

"Would You Like To Learn How To Plan, Organize, and Catch More Fish On Your Next Fishing Trip!"




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Bowling Higher Scores Today

Currently in development, "Bowling Higher Scores On Today's Lanes" is a complete course that anyone wanting to improve their bowling should have. It's a multi-media package that will provide you with expert tips and techniques to quickly raise your average. Coming soon!

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